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Member Photos

Send us a photo of you and your vehicles.   We would like to see them.

                                                                                                                      Mark Mason     1941 CCKW  

Read about Mark's truck in the February 2010 issue of the Rustbusters Gazette.
Mark Mason's CCKW

Scott Ward         1963 M151
Scott Ward's M151

Roger and Deb Woodward   1942 GPW

Roger Woodward's 1.5ton & jeep


Len Grummell   1917 Ammo Carts: top is believed to be an ammo cart; bottom is believed to be spare gun cart.  
Len Grummel's Carts 1

Len Grummel's Carts 2

Len Grummel's Carts 3


Len Grummel's Carts 4

Len Grummel's Carts 5

Len Grummel's Carts 6