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We meet the 2nd Saturday of the odd month (January, March, May, July, September, and November.  The meetings start at 10AM and the locations change from one meeting to the next.  The location of the next meeting will be on the Home page.  Our meetings are open to the public and visitors are welcome so if you are interested in what you see or what you've heard about us, please stop in and introduce yourself.

If you would like to join, download an Indiana MVPA application and either mail it in or bring to the next meeting.   Our affiliated parent organization, the international Military Vehicle Preservation Association can be joined by downloading the International MVPA application and mailing it in.   Please note that we are separate but affiliated organizations and joining one doesn't include the other.  


Meeting Photos


 (We are missing a few this year.)


11 January 2014 Meeting.  We finallized the 2014 Rally & Swap Meet location and got some ideas for backup locations and other venues.  We received a tour of a top notch printing and manufacturing facility here in Indianapolis.  The jeep collection present has some very interesting history.


Jeep tool sets

                            A sampling of Jim's meticulous tool sets collection.


The meeting.

The meeting forms up and prepares to start.


Greek jeep.Greek maintenance logs.

 Jim displays his Greek Army surplus jeep and the maintenance records.


 Jeep tool kit discussion.

Jim discusses the hunt for and the details of the individual components to his tool kit display.


Cardinal Manufacturing tour.


Jim leads a tour of the Cardinal Manufacturing Company and shop facility.




9 November 2013 Meeting.  An excellent meeting on next year's Rally & Swap Meet location.  The shop was a classic setting for the assembly.


Indiana MVPA November 2013 meeting.



13 July 2013 Meeting.  Convoy lined up and departed with Roger Woodward leading the way to the airport.  Once there, the meeting was short so the airshow and cars could be enjoyed.  The "Clusterbusters" have invited us back next year.


2013 Sheridan 1

                                        Two columns of trucks were on display this year.


2013 Sheridan 2

Jeeps up front. (l-r) Ted Pontius' and Roger Woodward's quarter tons sit at the head of the columns.


2013 Sheridan 3

                                                          Roger stands by his GPW.


Paul Gummere's 5ton M818 stood out as one of the largest vehicles at the show.


2013 Sheridan 5

                       Richard Gummere's 2 1/2ton M35A2 truck with Ron Bakehorn's 3/4ton M37 just behind.


2013 Sheridan 6

Ricky Miller's 3/4ton M37 trailed by Mike Lusty's 3/4ton.


2013 Sheridan 7

                                      Taking up the trail is Nathan Deal's quarter ton M38A1.


2013 Sheridan 8

(l-r) Ricky Miller, Ron Bakehorn, and Nathan Deal enjoy the show.




9 March 2013 Meeting.  Fine tuning 2013 Rally details.  It was an excellent shop setting for Rustbuster business.  As always, Lindsay is an excellent host who provided refreshments - coffee and Jeeps!


2013 March 1


2013 March 2



12 January 2013 Meeting.  Lively discussions about the 2013 Rally ensued.  Very good business meeting.


2013 January 1








































22 September 2012 Meeting/Rally.  Held during the Rally & Swap Meet.  See the 2012 Rally & Swap Meet page for more photos.  The meeting was well attended and included information about the 2014 MVPA Convention slated for Louisville, KY, the annual Museum of the Soldier fundraiser in Portland, IN, and other news.


2012 Rally Meeting 1

(Photo courtesy of Mike Foors)



14 July 2012 Meeting.  The meeting was held at the Sheridan Airport which was also hosting a vintage car show and air show.  Our thanks to the "Clusterbusters" who were great hosts.


We assembled and convoyed to the Airport.

2012 Sheridan 1


Here is our line up of vehicles.  Mike McComas' M38A1 is parked across from these.  The tan vehicles in the background are from the 801st CSH (US Army Reserve) out of Ft Ben Harrison.


2012 Sheridan 2


Trucks on the convoy to the show included:  Roger Woodward (shown above) led the way in his 1942 GPW. 


Paul Gummere drove a M-818 5 ton semi-tractor (with manual transmission),


2012 Sheridan 3


Scott Ward drove his 1963 M-151 quarter ton,

2012 Sheridan 4


Ron Bakehorn drove his 1952 M-37 from Wabash,


2012 Sheridan 5


and Rick Miller drove his 1962 M-37B1 down from Kokomo.


2012 Sheridan 6


OK, couldn't resist.  After all, it is a military vehicle.  It just isn't one of our member's (yet).


2012 Sheridan 7


The actual meeting was in a hanger.  Apparently, from the looks on some faces, I was blocking the view.  Otherwise, a good turnout.


2012 Sheridan 8

(Photo used with permission from Deb-Rood Woodward)


14 May 2012 Meeting.   The crowd begins to gather.


2012 May 1


Excuse me sirs, does anyone know where the Indiana MVPA club is meeting today?


                                                         2012 May 3


Roger taking care of business.


2012 May 2



10 March 2012 Meeting.   Look familiar?   Here we are the ganging up on Sam (front row, far right) for not having the sweatshirts ready for the meeting.   Nobody is buying his story.

2012 March 1

Another welcome sign of Spring.   Jeeps!

2012 March 2

14 January 2012 Meeting.   At the American Legion in Carmel.   15 members present and we are about to award the door prize.   Good discussions on upcoming Rallies and events.  

2012 Jan 1
                                                                 (Yes, two photos were combined to make one wide photo.)

12 November 2011 Meeting.  
At the American Legion in Carmel.   Some early arrivals.

2011 November 1

2011 November 2

12 March 2011 Meeting.  
Sorry not many photos.   The photographer was too busy gawking.   There was lots to look at.

2011 March 1

If you were at Nationals, you probably remember this jewel....

2011 March 22011 March 3
and plenty of post-meeting activity.

2011 March 4

8 January 2011 Meeting.
   There was the "What is it?" contest,....

2011 January 12011 January 1a

the exchange of ideas and planning,.....

2011 January 2

some more exchange,....

2011 January 3

and a superb frame up restoration project to ooh and ahh over.

2011 January 4

13 November 2010 Meeting.
   We had a proper shop setting,...

2010 November 1

plenty to talk about,....

2010 November 2

professional welding advice,.....

2010 November 3

a delicious catered lunch,....

2010 November 4

and maybe too much fun.   Hey, is that the cops?

2010 November 5

8 August 2010 Meeting.   Lots of planning, good food,......

2010 August 1

nice weather,......

2010 August 2

and an impromptu brake troubleshooting seminar by Skip.

2010 August 3

8 May 2010 Meeting.
A little crowded but nobody complained.

2010 May 1