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Thank you to the following vendors that attended this year's Swap Meet:

Bob & Tracy Wilson, OH                        Ben Bryant, OH                      Len Grummel, IN                  Greg Horvath, IN
Old Army Surplus & Stuff                                                                    Len's Ammo Shop 
937-657-1595                                                                                        574-233-4867 


Ralph Grapner, IN                               Mike Yeager, IN                     Mike McComas, IN                 Jim Martz, OH
                                                                                                         Superior MV Restoration




Kevin Emdee, KY                               Richard Nixon, IN                  Jeff Myers, IL                       Don & Ann Winegardner, OH
Star Electric Ordnance                                                                                                                   Ohio Motor Pool


Steve Verburg, MI                                Ron Glaub, IN                    Mike Swift, IL                         Kerry Zuercher, OH



Jeremy & Tom Roberts, IL                 Jim Waechter, IN                  Brian Williamson, IN             Michael Sheffer, IN
TJ Military Surplus                            Museum of the Soldier                                                        


Rick Stump, OH                                  Chris Paul, IN                        Mark Valentine, IL                Red Abernathy, IN



Dave Arreola, IN                               Tom Sears, OH                        Mark Harris, IN                  



There were many more sellers attending throughout the day.  If you were there, thank you.



Here are some photos of the show.


2014 IMVPA Rally 1   2014 IMVPA Rally 2     2014 IMVPA Rally 3     2014 IMVPA Rally 17  

2014 IMVPA Rally 4

2014 IMVPA Rally 5     2014 IMVPA Rally 6

2014 IMVPA Rally 7

2014 IMVPA Rally 8     2014 IMVPA Rally 9

2014 IMVPA Rally 10

2014 IMVPA Rally 12     2014 IMVPA Rally 12

2014 IMVPA Rally 15     2014 IMVPA Rally 16



If you have something you'd like to have posted from the Rally, please send it.  This page will be updated.


Look for more photos of the Rally & Swap Meet on the Ohio Motor Pool's Facebook page. Most of the OMP photos were taken by Ann Winegardner.


Join us at the 2015 Rally and Swap Meet 18-19 September!

Watch the calendar and newsletter for details.