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We send a special thanks to the following vendors that attended this year's Swap Meet:

John Blackwood, MI               Ben Bryant, OH                      Dale Gardner, OH                  Ron Glaub, IN



Steve Gray, KY                       Mark Harris, IN                       Carlos Manning, TX               Jim Martz, OH
                                                                                             Manning's Army Surplus
R&R Militaria, KY                    Earl Moore, IN                        Jeff Myers, IL                         Greg O'Dell, IN
R&R Militaria                          Hobby N' History

Roger O'Dell, OH                    Jim Oswalt, IN                        Steve Perron, IN                    Ben Prabish, TN

Jeremy Roberts, IL                 Bill Scheppenhauer, OH        Ken Simpson, OH                   Mike Swift, IL
TJ Military Surplus

Mike Thiel, IN                         David Vaught, OH                   Jim Waechter, IN                  Gary Walker, IN
                                                                                             Museum of the Soldier

Dennis Weir, IN                      Tracy & Bob Wilson, OH         Rick Windisch, IN                  Mike Yeager, IN
                                              Old Army Surplus & Stuff

There were nearly twice as many more attending, we just didn't have them all on our sign in sheet.  




          Don Hartzell's Jeep at Gate Duty                                                                                                       


2011 Rally 1   



          Sam inspects Gate


 2011 Rally 2



          M1917 6-Ton Tank before startup & ID plate


2011 Rally 3    2011 Rally 4



          Vendors and Displays begin to gather


2011 Rally 5   



          Gate Duty


 2011 Rally 6




Join us at the 2012 Rally and Swap Meet 21-22 September!