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Indiana MVPA Polo Shirts


IMVPA Green Polo Shirt


Yes, we finally have polo shirts. Available in green, with or without pocket.  Contact Dave Burton at 317  997-9870  or burton449 at




Indiana MVPA Mugs

Indiana MVPA Mug


Big 14oz. mug with the Indiana MVPA logo on each side.  $20 each.  Contact Joe Imel at  260   251-1083 or imel.joseph at




Indiana MVPA Guidons w/Grommets. In branch colors!  Choose Armor/Cavalry, Artillery, or Infantry.  Collect all three- $50 each.

Indiana MVPA Guidons

Contact Dave Burton at 317  997-9870  or burton449 at







1944 DUKW. Comes with extra hull.  Between the two a whole unit can be preserved.  Lots of extra parts available.  Call to discuss price and options.  

John Cheney 1944 DUKWJohn Cheney 1944 DUKWJohn Cheney 1944 DUKWJohn Cheney 1944 DUKW


1952 Studebaker M35.  Rebuilt to a M35A2 model.  Runs, $3000 OBO.

John Cheney M35A2 StudebakerJohn Cheney M35A2 Studebaker


1977 Dodge M893 Ambulance.  Runs and titled, $2500 OBO.

John Cheney M893 AmbulanceJohn Cheney M893 Ambulance


Everything located in North Baltimore, OH.  Contact John Cheney II at m2hbcrazy at or 419   349-4795.





1941 Ford GP. Series 1, SN 8920. Nice nut and bolt restoration of an original vehicle. Rebuilt motor/transmission, full Beachwood canvas, JMP body floors and sides. Located Indianapolis - $55,000.00.

Call or text Lindsay Clark for details 317   627-2001.




1952 GMC M211 2-1/2 Ton Truck.  Becoming quite rare and in above average condition - $12,000.


Sam Norris M211 Truck



Located in Muncie.  Contact (call or text) Shane Norris at  765    620-1496.






1976 XM820 Expandable Box Truck.  2K lift, manual transmission, starts right up.  Trouble overheating now.  $6000 OBO - Located in Berne, IN.

Kerry Zuercher XM820


Contact Kerry Zuercher at 419  733-7404.






M54 Cargo Truck.  With winch.  Not currently running, stored in barn.  Asking $2500 - located in Eminence.  Contact Lindsay Clark at 317  627-2001.



M416 Trailer.  Good condition, no major rust.  With dataplates, 3-color camouflage (for now), correct lights, with cover.  Get it now at $900 - located in Indianapolis. (price goes up after it gets sandblasted & repainted to OD).  Contact Bob Rainville at 317  710-2240 or bobrainville2 at




M37 Sideboards & Stakes.  Take off sideboards in good condition.  Includes both sides - three stakes per side, no wood.  Front stakes have tab to lock into front boards, rear stakes have eyelets for troop strap and seat hold up bars.  $75.

Mike Lusty_M37 Side Boards


M601 Seat Supports.  Take offs in good condition.  Four supports.  These have holes for four seat boards but will work with the M37.  No braces.  $40.

Mike Lusty_M601 Seat Supports


M37 Battery Hold Down Cover.  Late style.  Holds 2x 2HN batteries, may fit other vehicles.  In excellent original condition.  $20.

  Mike Lusty_M37 Battery Hold Down-Late


Everything located in Marion.  Contact Mike Lusty at mlusty at






M5 Stuart Tank Parts.  Windshield with wiper & defroster unit, NOS  $400.00 - located in Vincennes.  Contact Jim Osborne, P.O. Box 977, Vincennes, IN.  47591 or 812   890-0210.






M35 Shifter Boots.  New design, better seal - lowers heat and engine fumes in the cab.  Kit includes boot, mount, ring, and screws. $75.00 (plus shipping) - located in Ft Wayne. 

Al Forks M35 Sifter Boot Kit

Contact Al Forks at forksmt at






Machine Gun Mounts.  2 gun mounts and stands. One is for a .50cal WWII style with armor plate.  Could be used on a HMMWV or APC, asking $1500.00.  The other is for an M60, asking $600.00.  Located in Carmel.


Contact David Pierce at 317  767-1853







Uniforms.  Woodland BDU pants, 31-35W, 29.5-32.5L. 1pr $15

Desert BDU pants, 35-39W, 29.5-32.5L. 1pr $15

Aircrew coat, large, nomex Woodland BDU pattern. 2ea $15 ea. 

OG-507 shirt, 15.5x33, permanent press material, 1987 contract date. New. 1ea $25

OG-107 shirt, 2nd pattern cotton sateen, 16.5x34, 1967 contract date. USAF patches and name plates in place. Used, in very good shape. 1ea $40

OG-107 pants, both are first pattern cotton sateen. First pair are 32x31. Later style buttons on fly and pockets.  Second pair are early, flat buttons. Unknown size tags are gone. $25 ea. 

US Army PT sweats. One sweatshirt and pants. Large. $20 for the set. 

All prices are OBO.  Located in Fairmount.

Contact Nathan Deal at nathanfmt72 at






HMMWV Parts.  M998 A2 airlift bumper larger body bracket pairs, NOS-$225. M998 airlift bumper larger body bracket pairs NOS,-$200. M998 windshield washer tank with pump & decal, NOS-$100. M998 west coast mirror head, used-$30ea (have both sides). M998 green plastic cluster for gauges, NOS $35. M998 C pillar for soft top, NOS $350. M998 4 man soft top side rail pair, NOS-$350. M998 4 man midgate partition with side brackets, NOS-$450.   M998 A2 Dual voltage 200 amp alternator generator with overrunning clutch, used, tested working-$450. M998 Steering column modification work order MWO kit, NOS-$25. Front desert tan plastic LED pair with buckets, NOS-$150. Have several other M998 parts.  

Can bring big bulky items to club meeting. Call and leave message. Text works best. Contact Mark Rozak at 937  572-4203.





Clark Automotive                  Joes Motorpool                  Richards Machine Shop





What are you looking for?   Drop us a line and we will post your quest.

MX-6707/VRC tunable antenna base.  Looking for a MX-6707/VRC in serviceable condition.  Contact David Swanson at dave29au at

M135 Bows. 
Looking for a set of bows to fit the M135 truck.  Contact Kevin Rushton at usccmidstates at

M37 Hardtop.
  Looking for the later style hard top with the rectangular window.  Contact Vern Rich at 231  638-9116.

Marmon-Herrington Combat Tank Light.
  Looking for an armored headlight assembly.  Contact Jim Osborne (Indiana Military Museum) at 812  890-0210.

12V Siren.  As used on US WWII armored vehicles.  Contact Jim Osborne (Indiana Military Museum) at 812  890-0210.

WC21 Bows.  Looking for top bows to fit the WC21 1/2-ton Dodge.  Any wood bows would be useful.  Contact Brad Stansbury at 317  966-6592.

75MM Blank Shells.
  Looking for M337 75MM blank cartridges or casings suitable for reloading into salute rounds.  Contact Len Grummel at l999here at

M332 Ammo Trailer Tarp. 
Canvas preferred but vinyl would work.  Contact Paul Gummere at ugummere at

Half-Track Parts.  
Looking for WWII half-track parts, large and small. Especially the front roller, radiator & radiator armor, and windshield armor.   Contact Jim Osborne (Indiana Military Museum) at 812  890-0210.

Artillery Parts.   Looking for WWI & WWII artillery parts, what have you.   Contact Jim Osborne (Indiana Military Museum) at 812  890-0210.

3" Gun or Caison Wheels.  
Looking for wooden wheels to fit WWI 3" gun or caisson.   Contact Jim Osborne (Indiana Military Museum) at 812  890-0210.




Spot something locally, know of a HMV or parts for sale, or see an ad in the paper or on Craigslist?   Send a spot report.   Please keep it to local finds.

Please include a description of the item, where it is located, and a contact (if known).   Photos may be accepted.




Any IMVPA member may submit Military Vehicle/Militaria related ads to post.   They will post here and an abbreviated version will be posted in the quarterly newsletter. To submit an ad, please use the Contact Us page.   We will run the ad for six months on the website and two newsletter issues.   Ads can be renewed, space permitting.   Finds will be posted here for 30 days but will not be posted in the newsletter.   They can be resubmitted if item is still available.   We will not post auction ads.


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